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Owners Protective

TLF represent ship owners and their interests during a port call where conditions prohibit or prevent us from being nominated as the full load port agent during cargo operations.

  • TLF will attend the vessel to ensure cargo operations don't conflict with ship owner's interests.

  • We can, at your behest, appoint and place the charterers' agent in funds in order to supervise expenditure and ensure port costs are minimised.

  • We can control all reporting so that the charterers agents report only to us enabling us to check the accuracy of the information and relay it too concerned parties

  • In terms of clean cargoes we can arrange supervisory surveys at anchorage if time permits to ensure vessel is suitable for loading

  • We will make regular berth visits to ensure all requirements are being followed and that charterer's agents are meeting the owner's requirements.

  • We can appoint independent surveyors, arrange cash to master in a multitude of currencies. Finally, we will provide a comprehensive report on completion of the ship's visit.

  • We can arrange clearance and delivery of spare parts make arrangements for all crew changes.

  • In the event vessels fail hold inspection we can also arrange shore labour to rectify the issues and have vessel load ready.

Husbandry Services:


Husbandry attendance takes place at the most convenient time for the vessel, with consideration of cost efficient delivery of spares and services. A number of services can be performed, depending on individual customer requirements. Apart from standard services these may include as follows:

  • Crew change

  • Custom clearance and delivery of packages & ship spare parts

  • Underwater cleaning

  • Supply of stores and provision

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